Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Yom Shlishi, 28 Elul 5774
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We Welcome You


Welcome to Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation-Emek Shalom! We are a reform congregation dedicated to creating, sustaining, and nurturing the Jewish community in the Farmington Valley, and perpetuating Judaism in all aspects of life.

Our Temple began as twelve Jewish families coming together in a Simsbury home. Today, our congregation includes more than 300 families.

Nearly one-third of our congregation belongs to an interfaith family. We offer a variety of celebrations, education programs, and worship opportunities for our varied interests. We want to build a community based on inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation, a Jew by birth or by choice. 

Get Connected

Rosh Hashana in the Park: Sept 24, 2014 5:00 - 6:30pm


Young Children's Rosh Hashana Birthday Party!

rosh hashana


Wednesday, 9/24

  5:00 p.m. Erev Rosh Hashanah Worship at Simsbury Meadows

  7:30 p.m. Erev Rosh Hashanah Worship at the Temple

Thursday, 9/25

9:00 a.m. Rosh Hashanah First Day Worship 

  12:15 p.m. Tashlich at the Drake Hill Bridge   

1:30 p.m. Family Worship (Grade 3 and up)

   3:30 p.m. Young Children’s Worship (through Grade 2) 

Friday, 9/26

  10:00 a.m. Rosh Hashanah Second Day Worship  

Friday, 9/26

7:30 p.m. Shabbat Shuvah Service

Sunday, 9/28

11:00 a.m. Cemetery Service at  Memorial Park

Friday, 10/3

 * 6:30 p.m. Kol Nidre Worship 

Saturday, 10/4

* 9:00 a.m. Yom Kippur Worship 

  11:30 a.m. Discussion Group 

* 12:00 p.m. Family Worship Service 

    3:00 p.m. Yom Kippur Healing Service

    4:00 p.m. Mincha

    5:15 p.m. Yizkor

    6:00 p.m. Neilah and Havdalah

    7:00 p.m. Break Fast 

Sunday,  10/12

  9:00 a.m. Sukkot Family Worship and Program

Tuesday, 10/14

  7:30 p.m. Sukkot Yizkor Memorial Service

Friday, 10/17

7:30 p.m. Simchat Torah Service, Consecrecation and Celebration

*Tickets required.   Prospective New Members: Please contact Marlo Zall at membership@fvjc.org for complimentary ticketing information.


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New Member Initiative:
We are offering a new member incentive for New Member Families with the oldest child in grades K-3 Religious School pay only $100 plus Religious School tuition.  Tuition is $515 for grades K-3, plus $60 for a Prayer Book for Grade 3.
*High Holiday tickets are available to first time prospective members.
For more information, please contact Marlo Zall at membership@fvjc.org.We welcome new members to our reform congregation.

We hope you will become a part of our growing temple community. Please visit our membership page for more information. Please contact Marlo Zall, Membership Direc
tor for additional information and membership forms (860) 658-1075 or  membership@fvjc.org.

Religious School *2014 - 2015 Updated